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Technical Writing with International Credentials
BeTranslated associate Nathan approaches documentation as an essential
complement to design, believing technical writing quality should be held to the same strict tolerances as any high-tech component. This view has been strengthened through his years in a rigorous engineering setting, and he has witnessed how good writing and an efficient publications process can improve project execution and customer satisfaction.

A veteran of large-scale projects for overseas clients, Nathan mastered the art of writing for audiences for whom English is a second or even third language. This taught clarity, precision, simplicity. Uncluttered English text leads to higher-quality translations into native languages, a significant advantage in any field as the BeTranslated translators will attest.

Document Editing and Quality Assurance

Nathan serves engineering and management daily as a talented refiner of writing. Technical staff trust that his review will clean and clarify their prose, and raise the impact of the most salient content. His clients affirm the importance of publications quality as a support for, and driver of, quality improvement in all company business processes.

He also skillfully reworks and hones writing from ESL clients targeting the U.S. or other English-speaking market, helping to ensure a higher return on any marketing investment.

Writing Coaching and Critique from a Professional

Nathan will share his years of business writing knowledge with your most important communicators through his writing coaching and critique service . His intensive, personalized coaching capitalizes on every author's strengths and gently erases years of suboptimal writing habits to target your core audience more precisely. Presentations, reports and web content will all have new vitality and focus. Nathan especially recommends his writing coaching service for ESL writers who need to improve their English writing.

Nathan Gibbs, Technical Publications Services

Nathan Gibbs is an M.A. in Corporate Communications and QA-trained technical writer in the U.S. nuclear power industry. For 15 years, Nathan has successfully generated documentation in nuclear plant design along with every ancillary discipline from mechanical engineering and fluid systems, to digital instrumentation and controls. Nathan developed a broad array of technical and organizational skills that he believed would export well to new clients applying similar technologies, as well as those inventing the future through exciting new ones. So began his consulting career and association with BeTranslated.

Diverse Technology Projects

Through his connections with other engineering and writing consultants, Nathan can recruit senior talent for any size of project.

Contact Nathan Gibbs for a project assessment and preliminary quote at




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