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Desktop Publishing

Xinyitong Translation Co. is the earliest pioneers of Chinese localization industry since the end of 1990's. Ever since its foundation, the company has provided well-received DTP services to hundreds of companies at home and abroad, many of them have long-term relationship with us. Xinyitong's multilingual in-house DTP team has extensive technological expertise as well as solid typographical experience in character and alphabet languages. Working on Windows and Apple Macintosh omputers, the company is fully equipped with a large collection of multilingual fonts and standard word-processing, page-makeup and graphics software. Our extensive management, translation and publishing resources ensure that we can deliver projects quickly, and in the format that you need, hence reducing your time to market.

Team Management

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We can do the complete development of a multi-lingual manual for you or just do, for instance, the translation or illustration work. Whatever your requirements are, you can rely on Xinyitong to help you with all your technical communication needs.

Technical documentation - Technical writing and editing
- Layout design
- Graphic design and technical illustrations
- Desktop Publishing and pre-press management
- CD-ROM design and production
- Project management


- Pre-press production and management
- Off-set printing and POD

- SGML/XML content engineering
- Construction analysis of existent literature
- DTD creation

Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is much more than just writing. Even though, in general the development of a manual does start in the hands of a writer. At GBT a project manager will also be involved from the start of a project. The project manager will develop a project plan tailored to your specific project, and will be your sole contact person. Often, and especially with complicated technical information, illustrations are even better than words. Our experienced illustrators will work closely with the technical writer to deliver an easy-to-understand and coherent manual. Before a manual can be published, the text and illustrations need to be designed, laid-out and typeset in such a way that the information is easily accessible to the user. We can develop a style-sheet for you, or perhaps
you already have your own house-style setup, in which case we will of course adapt to your requirements. GBT can produce manuals for printing or electronic media. We can also help you in achieving your international success by translating them into any European or Asian language.

Technical Translation

GBT can translate your document or software in any Asian or European language. We have a team of translators in-house for Chinese (SC/TC), Japanese, Korean, Thailand, English and a network of in-country translators for all other languages. All of our translators are qualified and knowledgeable linguists. Our quality assurance process requires for both a native translator and a professionally trained proofreader to work on every job. We also use industrystandard Translation Memory and Terminology software to keep your costs down and your translations accurate and consistent from one project to the next.


GBT's printing experts can help you choose the right paper, ink and finishing for your printed manual. We can provide Offset printing or Print-on-Demand. We are equally adept at producing digital manuals, whether your customer prefers them on CD-ROM, DVD or on the Internet. Our expertise can help you find the most cost-effective solution, meeting your quality and time requirements.


GBT has expertise in SGML/XML content engineering to facilitate the publishing of complex information and technical documentation. We can use SGML/XML content engineering for any new project. It
will ease the production process, make your text available for different projects and media, and thus reduce your costs. We can also perform a construction analysis of existent literature and create
a DTD (Document Type Definition) for future projects.


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