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Xinyitong Translation Co., Ltd. is founded by a team of Chinese professional and the earliest pioneers of Chinese localization industry since the commercial applications of Internet were introduced to China market in middle 1990's.

If you run a broadly popular website and want to reach the greatest number of new visitors for the lowest cost, and if you are targeting the Asia Market in particular, Xinyitong Translation can help you localize or translate your web content: create your a really global and culturally sensitive website and make your web more accessible to rapidly growing number of web users all over the world. We have successfully created a localization process the full range of professional localization services our customers demand.

Xinyitong Translation Co., Ltd. offers a secure and convenient way for software providers and website owners to develop their markets. By a powerful technical alliance and efficient management team, now it can provide top-grade comprehensive service comprised of language quality service, software localization, website globalization and so on to customers all over the world.

1. Preparation
Project Manager will analyze the project together with the technologist, administration supervisor, and make schedule, appoint persons in charge of the translation team and the DTP team respectively.

Both the translation team and DTP team will be set up accordingly with the appointment of the leaders.

Translators first analyze the document with TRADOS, communicating with the project manager through the team leader promptly of the problems.

2. Glossary
Making glossary is a key step for the conformity and accuracy of translation. The translation team should submit a report of the related glossary after analyzing the documentation, at the same time the company collects reference materials from customer and develops a client specific glossary.

3. Translation
The whole translation includes base translation, edit and proofreading, which results with the translation ready for the clients approval.

4. Desktop Publishing
The DTP work also includes base layout, proofreading and the final validation.

5. Project Management
Planning Project manager makes an initial plan at the beginning stage and updates it with the proceeding of the project. Persons in charge including the teams' leaders should make plans regarding their respective task.

Reporting Every member should report to the person in charge the proceeding regularly according to the schedule. Team leaders and the administration supervisor and chief technology officer report to the PM accordingly for the PM to grasp the project as a whole, which is a vital part of Quality Assurance (QA) of the project's workflow.




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