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Business Translation

Businesses today must function in the global market place, and Gobal Bridge can bring its vast experience and expertise to any clients who wish to improve their performance in that sphere. We are dedicated to making your business happen more quickly, more efficiently, and more accurately.

Business Translation Resources

Gobal Bridge often have staff in foreign countries. In many cases, they use their in-house resources for translation. In other cases, outsourcing translation is the better option. When freelance translation is the choice, several options exist. An overseas translator or translation company can be hired or a domestic translation agency may be preferable.

Meet the Clients’ Deadlines

Each time-sensitive translation task is assigned to a team of translators. The translation process begins immediately and continues around-the-clock as each document is relayed to supporting translation teams working in consecutive time zones.  This uninterrupted course of action is designed to guarantee completion in the shortest possible time period. 

By developing business strategies of our own, we are able to deal with projects at a faster rate than many of our competitors. You can turn to our business translation services to promptly and professionally translate your:

•  Annual reports
•  Financial statements
•  Projections
•  Pension plans
•  Fact sheets
•  Confidential government documents
•  Business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing and advertising materials
•  Business-to-business and business-to-consumer Web sites
•  Focus group transcripts








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