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Content Globalization

By applying a flexible and well-structured methodology, Xinyitong combines the quality of in-country translation with the efficiency of centralized processes and infrastructure to deliver reliable and high-quality globalization services with substantially lower total cost. The Xinyitong team of dedicated translators delivers multi-lingual and multi-cultural versions of

•  Website contents
•  Multimedia contents
•  Communication contents
•  E-learning and training contents
•  Desktop publishing

Xinyitong believes that such contents are extremely important for our clients as they serve as the contact interfaces between the clients and their customer. Whether you want to acquire new customers or retain old ones, these contents are vital in communicating your values to your customers as promotional vehicles.

The push for global Web content strategies is a significant business challenge facing organizations entering 2005. As companies look to expand to new markets and access new opportunities, they require a comprehensive translation solution that can help them manage their content translation and localization processes and publish information to the Web. A content management solution that helps to manage globalization as a coherent process is a must for any company that intends to speak to multiple audiences on the Web.














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