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Whatever your requirements, we can provide a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution to your communication needs.

Xinyitong Translation provide you with quality interpretation services. All of our Interpreters are professional, accredited and knowledgeable. Our Interpreter interpretation service is unique in China. The Interpreter will not only be your voice and ears in the language that you require, but also your host wherever you might find yourself.

Ever since Xinyitong Translation establishment in 2000, Our tremendous achievements in interpretation service (annually 70 simultaneous interpretation projects on average) has undoubtedly made it one of the biggest interpretation service providers in China. Xinyitong Translation has been authorized as interpretation service vendor by many five-star hotels, consulates, governmental units and multinational companies and has made noticeable contributions to the political, economical and cultural communications between China and the outside world.

Type of interpreting Simultaneous Interpretation

The interpreter listens to the speaker via headphones and translates his/her speech immediately into the target language without pauses. This approach is appropriate for conferences and speeches that involves a large audience.

Consecutive Interpretation

The interpreter takes notes in a special kind of shorthand during the speech and then gives their translation at the end from memory. This approach is appropriate for speeches and addresses at events such as receptions and banquets.

Whispered Interpretation

The interpreter sits next to the listener and whispers the translation virtually simultaneously with the speech. This is suitable for events involving fewer listeners, such as a one-to-one encounter.

Our Advantages

Professional Project Consulting

Xinyitong Translation Account Executives assign interpreters according to specific project requirements. They ask you many questions to understand completely about your needs and give accordingly professional solutions.

Strong Interpreter Team

All of Xinyitong Translation interpreters are carefully selected, standing out in both language skills and professional background. Take simultaneous interpretation as an example, Xinyitong Translation contracts with no more than 20 simultaneous interpreters and all of them have well proved experience related.

Efficient Service

Respond as soon as possible once getting request from clients, to save clients’ precious time and help to increase their advantages in today’s market full of keen competitions.

Rich Project Experience

Xinyitong Translation has experience of serving annually 50 international conferences in both interpreters and equipment; Xinyitong Translation has experience of serving multi-national companies; Xinyitong Translation has experience of assigning 60 B-to-B meeting interpreters for foreign delegations; Xinyitong Translation has experience of assigning 10 simultaneous interpreters within one single day… All these precious experience is a big wealth for Xinyitong Translation to better serve its clients in the future.

Good Project Management

Xinyitong Translation account executives provide over-all services during the whole project. They are always at your service and your 100% satisfaction is their ultimate purpose of trying all their efforts.

Interpreting services for all kind of business sectors:

Among Xinyitong Translation's projects, there are international conferences, training seminars, press conferences, high-profile business meetings, on-site technical exchanges and overseas delegation receptions. And,

•  Travel and tourism
•  Hospitality and catering
•  Entertainment
•  Finance and banking
•  Retail and wholesale
•  Manufacturing
•  Engineering





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