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Transportation translation

You advertise in different countries but can you serve citizens of those countries in their own languages?
Xinyitong understands that in the deregulated, and often intensely competitive, transportation industry, you have a constant need to tap into new markets. Once you open the door you must provide a full range of services and comprehensive customer service in a variety of languages.

Xinyitong can help your business expand into new markets. You are in the business of attracting individuals to use your mode of transportation; and if one individual is impressed with your services, their family, friends and community will hear about it.

The essence of getting your message across means ensuring clarity in your reservations department. The translation of arrival and departure times, as well as costs, must be accurate.

Xinyitong is a rapid telephone language interpretation an the world. We put the services of a language specialist at your fingertips, instantly. Whether you are the Vice President of a major airline, rail carrier, or tour bus company, you need the services of Xinyitong. Xinyitong can translate your in-flight information into different languages, act as an ind fax translation service that makes accurate communication possible between your business and those who speak other home and around interpreter for your bus tour or provide customer service to your rail passengers in their own languages.














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