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Document Translation

With an extensive network of over 2100 professional and freelance translators, we can meet the special requirements of each project and offer services for a wide spectrum of documents. 

Translation of various commercial and legal documents, contracts, insurance policies and procedures, patents, regulations and standards, scientific and technological materials, enterprise introduction, product specifications, training manual, equipment installation manual, technical instructions, instruction of large equipment and production lines, materials for applying visa or notarization, scripts of film or TV series.

Languages Covered

Our services cover the 32 languages in the world including Chinese, English, Japanese, French German, Korean, Thai, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Greek, etc. .

Professional Fields

Telecommunications, Computer, Medicine, Chemical engineering, Environment protection, Automobile, Electricity, Energy, Machine-building, Metallurgy, and etc. .


We offer service in the ten most frequently used languages as well as others in the world.

Oral interpretation for various business negotiations, exhibitions, lectures and international conference of different scales.

Interpretation for business talk.

Interpretation for convention or grand foreign affairs

Interpretation for business negotiations

Interpretation for news conferences or products presentation Interpretation for tourists


We can help you or your clients enter the world commerce by facilitation the global communication among Schinese, Tchinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai.

Website Localization

Software Localization

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

1. We will professionally translate your files and your Internet graphics. We will redesign your graphics to include the new foreign language text. Your complete foreign language web site will be returned ready to be put on the Internet.

2. Our professional translators and engineers can translate your resource, help and documentation files to smoothly operate in the target language environment, especially in Asian double byte languages.

3. We provides support in PageMaker, Frame Maker, QuakXPress CorelDraw, Ms Office and HTML.




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