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With a strong background in the IT sector, it is not surprising that leading technology companies trust Xinyitong to provide a complete localization service.

We view Software and Hardware Localization as the customization of an application for a particular target market. Xinyitong provides the required hardware and software expertise as well as the in-depth knowledge of language, regulatory requirements, cultural nuances and taboos, and linguistic connotations to make the translated application as functional for the foreign user as it is for the domestic user. Xinyitong' localization engineers routinely work with software resource and online help localization projects on Mac, Windows, NT, and Linux operating systems.


    • Website Translation
    • Software Localization
    • Project Management
    • Testing and QA
    • User Guides
    • End User License Agreements
    • CMS Integration
    • Research and White Papers
    • Software Strings, XML, Help Files, etc.

A proven localizatin process and a technology under control

Software and Hardware localization is a process requiring specific knowledge and excellent project management. For each project, the Project Manager, along with the engineers, draws up a detailed Project Plan specifying all stages necessary for its smooth completion.

Additional project management pre-project is required as the project manager works with clients to assess project scope:

    • Has a previous version been localized? If so, we need to access it.
    • Will there be version updates? If so, a glossary should already exist or should be created.
    • What is the end user profile?
    • What level of change orders is anticipated? How will new strings be communicated mid-project?
    • What is the bug database? Is the QA testing group in-house and has the project gone through internationalization testing so that it is localization ready?
    • What is the test strategy for the localized product?

McElroy can offer auxiliary testing services depending on this needs assessment.

We will be happy to provide you with all the assistance you need to begin localizing your product.




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